To those who have experienced the death of a beloved animal and family member, immediately feelings of grief and loss descend and overwhelm. A 'prayer' that AHCC suggested, brought me solace, peace, and gratitude. I was able to begin to celebrate my precious Jules and focus on the joy that she brought to my life. I am not a religious person, but I do embrace the spiritual, and AHCC opened that portal for me and Jules.

Kris -Basalt, CO

I'm very grateful for the service that AHCC provides. It's reassuring to know there's a place/site to go where you can find compassion and understanding when dealing with the difficult loss of a beloved pet. Thank you for providing a much need service through your user-friendly website and compassionate volunteers.

Arlene -Ketchum, ID

It is so difficult when we lose any of our beloved pets - their love and devotion are unconditional. When I have been in this situation I have found comfort within the AHCC website and those involved in the organization. I feel fortunate that AHCC is available for all of us when experiencing these difficult times. Thank you!

Sandy -Seattle, WA

I called AHCC when a neighbor's beautiful golden retriever ran directly under my car's tire. Without a glance, she took off across the street intent on playing with my dog. The thump of her body under the wheel is something I'll never forget. She died in the arms of my neighbor with his young daughter near by. Needless to say, although I tried to be calm on the outside, I was hysterical on the inside. The neighbor couldn't have been more gracious understanding it was an accident, but my heart was filled with pain and my stomach was in knots! It was then that I called AHCC and listened carefully to the words and reassurances they provided, all of which began to dissipate my anguish. I still hurt, but I began to feel the sharp hurt softening. My neighbor and his family got another dog whom they loved and we all moved on, each with our own memories. Mine will be there always and include the comforting thoughts and wisdom from Animal Hospice Compassionate Crossings.

Barbi -Ketchum, ID

The Winter of 2011 is one that I've tried very hard to forget. I found lumps on the neck of my 7-year-old Bouvier (and best friend), "Snickers" ("Snicks" for short). Before I knew it, Snicks was given a diagnosis of lymphoma and I was facing a very difficult decision: chemotherapy or let nature take its course. I can't remember how I found Animal Hospice Compassionate Crossings, I think I was just desperately searching the internet for any help I could find. I took a chance and sent an email. I have no idea what I said, or what I was looking for. I guess someone to tell me what to do, to make my decision for me, to make the hurt and confusion go away. To my surprise, I actually received a very quick reply from a very kind and understanding person, Sheila Summers. What I do remember is that I felt much better after my communications with AHCC. It was very comforting just to have someone really listen and understand. It was a very rough road, one that I pray I never have to face again, but I was blessed to have the support of Animal Hospice Compassionate Crossings.

Denise -Chalfont, PA

A beautiful Golden Retriever named "Maddie" rescued my husband and I seven years ago. She was the kind of dog that could touch your heart and soul with one look. When I looked into her eyes, they were so trusting. They could provide me with enough unconditional love than any person could pray to receive in a lifetime. So, when I saw the tumor emerging and then heard the words "cancer" my heart broke. I immediately began spending my time trying to find ways to relieve her of pain, provide her with love and comfort, and if I dared dream it, "find a cure". After searching for many resources, I came upon an animal hospice website "Animal Hospice Compassionate Crossings" and called to talk with someone that could help me understand my feelings, emotions, and concerns. They were comforting and caring and talked with me to help ease my pain as well as my beloved Maddie's pain and concerns. I will always appreciate AHCC for their time, care and kindness. What a wonderful way to help our furfriends and their human companions going through such tough times.

Roberta -St.Paul, MN

I thank AHCC for the many times I've received help with the passing of my horses and my dogs. The support AHCC gives is all from love.

Linda -Bellevue, ID

There is nothing worse than losing a pet. When that time came for me I am so glad I called Animal Hospice Compassionate Crossings. They were kind, they were warm, AHCC was everything you need when you are having such a bad day. The thing that impressed me the most was seeing how much they cared. It was like they knew our little girl, but they didn't. Thank you AHCC for being there.

Steve -St.Helena, CA

Just knowing how loving the volunteers are at AHCC is helpful. It makes me feel better knowing that when I need help coping I have someone to talk to. The volunteers have compassion and understanding for what one is going through. It is a great service. Thank you AHCC.

Barb -Ketchum ID