The Founders

Wendy Collins

Wendy Collins is a founding member of Animal Hospice/Compassionate Crossings. She is an interdenominational minister in Hailey, Idaho. She has worked with challenged people enriching their lives through horseback riding and is acertified PATH instructor. She is also a TTeam Horse Practitioner, a Healing Touch Practitioner level 4, and has an interest in homeopathic remedies for humans and animals. Wendy has shared her home with a wide variety of companion animals over the years. She currently lives with her husband, three horses, 2 cats, and a Border Collie named Mike in the beautiful mountains of Idaho.

Sheila Summers

Sheila Summers is one of the three founding members of Animal Hospice/Compassionate Crossings who found a form of communication with many animals at a very young age, since they were most attentive as she was growing up. Sheila held a seat on the Board of Directors for Company of Fools for 14 years and participated on stage as well. She loves music and is an avid bicycle enthusiast who enjoys ever expanding views of the Wood River Valley with her puppy in tow. To allow Sheila to be able to share her passions she earns her living by selling real estate in the Sun Valley area with McCann, Daech, Fenton Realtors, LLC.

Andria Friesen

Andria Friesen is a founding member of Animal Hospice/ Compassionate Crossings. Andria has realized thirty years in the art industry, twenty-six years to date as owner of Friesen Gallery in Sun Valley, Idaho. Representing artists of international and national recognition, the Gallery is also dedicated to showcasing and nurturing select talented emerging painters and sculptors. Friesen has been actively involved (on a variety of levels) in fundraising for the NW AIDS Foundation, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Pilchuck Glass School, Wood River Valley Hospice, and the Sun Valley Center for Arts and Humanities. Andria’s volunteer commitment now lies passionately with Animal Hospice Compassionate Crossings.